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10/23 Trade Ideas - U, HLT, VAC, JETS, LUV, JACK, CUB, HOG

Helluva week! The SNOW day yesterday was my best day of the year. You never know when you'll get those days, but you have to be prepared by familiarizing yourself with the charts that are setting up to run. I'll do a recent trade reflections post this weekend on SNOW GRWG CGC CHWY SNAP GME etc. Yes, the losers will be included. Usually those are the best ones to learn from.

Travel and Leisure names setting up very well for breakouts higher soon. Many names on the list tonight. Many other names you can find on your own. Trade companies you like or are familiar with.

HLT - 95 area of interest for a breakout towards 105-110 in the coming days. Will aim to trade $100 calls if it starts to go.

VAC - Same setup, lower volume. 120-130 potential target range.

JETS - Airlines trying to breakout of a mid-term base pattern again. Target 22+ on a swing trade. Looking at Nov/Dec $20 calls.

LUV - One of those airlines ready for departure. Post earnings now. Looking at 45-50 Nov/Dec calls for a swing trade.

JACK - 13% short float. If it breaks out over 88/90 soon this could re-join the three-figure club relatively quickly. Check this weekly chart.

CUB - Nice volume bar last month. It has been in consolidation mode ever since. Finally tightening up for the potential continuation breakout higher.

U - With recent IPO software names catching some momentum, can Unity be next? Target 120+ if it starts to breakout soon. I started into calls yesterday. Room to add.

HOG - alert set for a breakout over 30.

If you are into low volume, low float, and high short interest that is due to squeeze; check out MGPI. 17% short float that would take 20 days to cover at current average volume. It could go to 50-55 range in a hurry if takes out recent highs. This isn't one I'll be cheerleading for on Twitter, but the setup is prime to make a few bucks. 42.50 breakout trigger, 40 risk guide, 50+ target.

Happy Trading!

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