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327% Gain! Let's find more - Stock Trade Ideas 11/30/18 - SIRI, WFC, LUV, MAS, UA

A good example of what I'm looking for when I make trades is here.

327% gainerrrrrrr in 2 days. How I do love options.

To the newbies: All Options contracts are Price x 100. You control 100 shares per contract, thus 1.70/share is $170 and $7.27/share is $727.

I sold AAPL 175 weeklies at 7.27 from 1.70 avg on the gap up Thursday for a 327% gain; as mentioned I was long in the disclosure Wednesday. Still holding WYNN 115's & 120's expiring 12/14. My next educational series will focus on options trading. Stay tuned. Here's what I'm watching for Friday as the G-20 summit kicks off.

SIRI - Daily chart slowly forming bottom over the past 2 months. Watching for 6.40 breakout. Want free price alerts delivered as push notifications on your phone, such as when SIRI crosses 6.40? Download the WeBull App and use the alerts feature.

WFC - Hmm, interesting pattern, I think I just saw this one somewhere? Watching for 54.50 breakout. I will trade short-term 12/7 or 12/14 ITM (in the money) $54 call options if it starts to go and sell them into any pop into 55.5/56 range.

LUV - Transports have historically been a leading indicator for overall market direction. I LUV the setup in Southwest Airlines to start trending higher again soon. Also watch DAL, UAL, SAVE, AAL airlines for next legs up.

MAS - Watching for a consolidation box breakout over 32 soon. Ideally starts trending towards 34/35 range into December.

UA - Watching for 22 breakout for next leg up. I'll likely trade Dec. 21st $22 calls if it starts to go. It's trading around .90 (light volume but the liquidity is there) with target sell towards 3's if the stock moves towards $25 for 200% gain potential.

So many stocks to watch, but I can't trade them all. The 5 above are my top watches. Of course I may end up trading others if none of these do what I expect. Contact me with questions or chart requests via twitter. Happy Trading.

Disclosure: I hold no positions in the stocks discussed above but I may trade them according to the plan suggested.

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