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Coronavirus Population Studies

Updated: May 3, 2020

Below is a list of some of the active virus or antibody studies that cities, counties, states, countries, and/or companies have done/are doing to see how far the virus may be spreading outside of currently known cases.

This is not meant to be a bias one way or the other, it's just a compiled list I've found while doing my own research. I'll be updating this page as I find more. Feel free to send me links via Twitter if you know of any more study results or studies that are currently in progress that I may add to this page.

New York Antibody Testing Results (5/2)

China Undocumented Infection Research Paper (5/1)

San Miguel County, CO (Telluride, CO): Health Department (4/17 Update)

United Biomedical is leading the study:

'Charles de Gaulle' French Naval Ship (4/17)

Le Figaro:

Santa Clara County, CA: Stanford Study (4/17)

Palo Alto Times:

Peer Review of the same study:

Johnson County, KS: Health Department (4/16)


Iceland Testing (Ongoing):


USA Today:


Los Angles County Ongoing Study



Arizona Statewide Upcoming Study

MLB Upcoming Study


More articles:

Unapproved Antibody tests from China:

WHO warning antibody testing doesn't prove immunity:

South Korea Re-Infections:

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