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Stock Trade Setups 4/29/19

Some movie debuted this weekend making Disney a few bucks. I have 3 weeks until expiration on $150 calls. Currently marked at .94 with cost basis of .10, I'll probably look to lock in gains this week and roll into June calls on any decent pullback.

Earnings I'm watching this week: GOOG, GE, MA, MCD, GM, AAPL, AMD, SQ.

I'm only long AAPL calls, but may trade others based on action AFTER-earnings. Paying premiums on options before earnings is just gambling. I'll wait until we get a direction. Such as with TWTR calls last week.

Here's a few new/again setups to set alerts for.

CWH - Camping World is showing signs of a Swing Trade Setup. Watching for a close over 15.25. Earnings June 6th. 27% short float! Ideally we see a decent short covering run-up into earnings.

CWH Camping World Stock Chart

REV - Watching for 22 breakout. If you thought CWH had a high short float, Revlon currently sits at 44% short float! This low floater may be ready to squeeze them out soon. Must clear 22 for me to be interested.

REV Revlon Stock Chart

ZIOP - Watching for dips or a continuation setup to start in long here. Ideally we see a decent speed up day towards 5 if the range breakout can stick.

ZIOP stock chart

BLNK - Not an immediate play for me, but the chart is setting up well for a bigger move if volume comes in. A close over 3.50 will get my attention. This week a year ago it went $2-$6. Former runners that start to perk back up a year later always get my attention. Alert set for 3.50. Weekly chart shown here is sneaky.

BLNK stock chart

CGC - Nice breakout Friday, now needs continuation over $50.43 to test 2019 $52 high.

AOBC - Interesting chart if you're willing to have patience. It has been basing just below $10 for a couple months now. If it can clear it, we may see a decent uptrend to ride. It bounced off $10 twice last year. Target towards $12-13 range if it starts to go.

AOBC stock chart

MTN - Took a few months, but its up 30 points from the January 190 idea. Technically making higher lowers still. A push over 220 could bring 240 in a few weeks.

MTN - Vail Resorts stock chart

MDB - Watching for downtrend b/o. 140 is the confirmation in my opinion. (This chart was intra-day Friday, not close; but you get the point)

More on twitter! Happy Trading!

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