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Stock Trade Watchlist 4/15/19 - PCG, CAT, NKE, WYNN, AAPL, HPQ, DIS, OAS, GUSH

BAC calls working from breakout idea here. Several on the last list are starting to go or still in progress. AIG is a nice example. BA puts smoked me though. That is why it's important to never go all-in on one trade. The goal is to be able to keep trading long-term. Letting one bad trade blow up your account not only sets you back financially, it stings mentally and could hurt your confidence to trade; even if years later. Being able to handle losses and still trade the next day is one of the most important lessons to learn.

PCG - Nice breakout over 20 Friday on news that California is looking at ways to lessen the burden of utility companies' wildfire liabilities. Not a chase the gap type in my opinion. Watch dips in the event it opens higher, or be ready to pounce on a red to green type of move if it opens weak. Keep in mind this is a bankrupt stock. I'll only be trading short-term momentum. Who knows what the bankruptcy court will rule on the common shares. This could be the pump before everyone realizes commons are worthless OR the start of a move back towards 50. The re-org filing does mention 1% of new equity being issued to claims, but nothing about current common stock status. Only time will tell. In the mean-time, I'll trade the momentum. Play what it gives us.

CAT - Caterpillar is finally testing the breakout level.

NKE - Looking to trade May 90 calls after it closed above 86 on Friday. It was the key resistance level for the stock to setup for next leg higher. Tiger Woods winning The Masters for team Nike helps the cause. I won't chase any major gap up. Let it settle and then start in.

HPQ - Watching for breakout over 20.25.

AAPL - always on watch. Nice one to catch 90-minute 70% gains or more when the trend hits. This week I'll be looking for 200 reclaim and 203 breakout for next leg up towards 215. Ideally we'll get both day-trades and a swing trade out of it IF it goes.

WYNN - WYNN Resorts had a nice breakout Friday. I'm looking to catch momentum towards 150 this week using same breakout area as risk. Keep in mind the Massachusetts gaming board is currently reviewing their license. I still like 150 calls short-term. One analyst thinks WYNN still may buy Crown Resorts after the initial talks were leaked and the deal was pulled. Or in my opinion Crown wanted to see if there were any other interested parties out there.

DIS - Nice gap up after the Disney+ info release. I was lucky enough to have 120 calls as the monthly chart was prime for a longer-term breakout. If you follow me on twitter, you know I've been watching a specific level for awhile now which is why I was still re-buying calls even after a few tries expiring worthless. I took some gains Friday and rolled into May 150's to see if momentum kicks in. If not in yet, watch dips or sideways action that sets up a resistance level to breakout over later. Patience on the entries now.

OAS - all oil names on watch now, but Oasis has been a winner for me in the past. Watching for 7 breakout to get long.

GUSH - another oil play that has paid me well in the past. It's a 3x leveraged etf that can move quickly.

Happy Trading!

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