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Stock Trade Watchlist - July 18th

Take your trading to the next level.

IQ - Nice daily uptrend since downtrend breakout idea last week. Target still towards 41ish, even after the 'bad' NFLX earnings. (NFLX great chart to understand why support/demand and resistance/supply levels matter). IQ earnings announcement is coming up, but I haven't seen a specific date yet. Correct me if I'm wrong, but we should see a PR with a date announced soon.

IQ stock chart
IQ stock daily chart updated 7.17.18

Cryptos are trying to rebound. I bought Litecoin yesterday, and it popped nicely today. 83's to 90's so far. Keep those stocks that ran back in December in mind going forward if the rally can hold up. OSTK RIOT NETE XNET MARA DPW KODK SIEB etc. Not LFIN, avoid that scam.

OSTK & XNET charts below.

OSTK stock chart
OSTK stock daily chart updated 7.17.18

XNET stock chart
XNET stock daily chart updated 7.17.18

CLPS - Watching for 15 breakout. This thin name can run dollars quick in either direction if volume hits so watch your size. Not recommend for newbies.

CLPS stock chart
CLPS stock daily chart updated 7.17.18

MTBC breakout in progress, using 4.25 as risk guide. Has been known to move dollars in the past, so patience if the breakout sticks for a bigger move up.

MTBC stock chart
MTBC stock 4.25 breakout

ZSAN - can this past runner come back to life? 5 breakout would be huge, but will trade heavier now after the offering.

ZSAN stock chart
ZSAN stock 5 breakout watch

HEAR - still thinking this has another speed up day in it. Very nice daily chart channel, getting close to squeezing shorts above it.

LASR - for kicks. Nice falling wedge breakout a few days ago. Putting it on watchlist, but ideally I would like to see it work out a few of the previous run buyers and consolidate for a day or two before the next breakout. But if it keeps going, I'll look to ride the momentum.

Happy Trading!

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