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Stock Watchlist 4/20 - DIS, LOVE, FB, HEBT, SPR, WORK

Last week was one of the best weeks of my trading career. Awesome plays! NFLX, AMZN, MRNA, ROKU, AMD, etc. It's time for some fresh plays as we get ready for post-earnings trends. Meaning, gambling on a 12% implied move in NFLX, either way, is not going to be my game. I'll wait for the post-earnings trend to reveal itself and trade accordingly. In the meantime, here are a few of my top watches to start the week.

Walt Disney (DIS) - watching for a breakout over 108 to get into calls or if 100 fails to get into puts.

Lovesac Company (LOVE) - momentum trying to kick in. Watching for follow-through over 11 to get it going towards the 14-16 range this week. They announced earnings beating expectations last week as people are redoing their homes vs. buying new homes right now.

Facebook - (FB) 180 breakout is bullish while a 175 breakdown is bearish. I'll trade what it gives me. Price action pays better than my bias on their scam ads.

Spirit AeroSystems (SPR) - With Boeing restarting production, SPR should continue the downtrend reversal with max pain on 17.50. Plenty of upside room in the coming weeks.

Hebron Technology (HEBT) - lower volume idea, meaning size into it appropriately or someone will smack you around if you let them. AKA trade smaller size on dips if the breakout sticks over 9. Measured target potential towards 12+ rather quickly though. China trash trade idea only, as China is getting back to work. Not a hold for me. It reminds me of the old NFEC action. Meaning someone who knows what they are doing on China names is running the show here. Play with him, not against him.

Slack (WORK) - Eventually looking for the 30 breakout. I tried too soon last week, but worth mentioning because of the recent range. If 30 breaks 33-35 could come quick.

More on twitter as always. Happy Trading!

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