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Stock Watchlist 5/18: ZM, REGN, TMO, MDB, VRSN, NFLX, CMG, ZNGA, GERN

Quick list tonight. Shoot me questions on twitter and I may answer in an in-depth extended post this week. I can't read your mind to know what you're curious about. Last Thursday's watchlist covered Range Potential Measurement and this post covered end of day setups. Let's go!

ZM - Potential short squeeze coming. 10% short float.

REGN - watching for breakout over 580.

TMO - breakout potential

MDB - 18% short float that would take 7 days to cover at current volume. This bullish chart could squeeze well into the 200's.

VRSN - weekly chart setup for a breakout over 220 in the coming weeks for a swing trade.

NFLX - follow up chart from last week as it's starting to b/o now.

CMG - follow up from last week as the breakout continues. 1100 might be the next exit ramp.

ZNGA - usually slower than molasses. However, it's trying to breakout over 8 so worth watching if paint is drying elsewhere.

GERN - Have to throw a cheapie on here. Watching dips if volume sticks around. It's been known to run towards the 4-6 range once or twice a year. Not a gap up chase though.

More on Twitter. Happy trading!

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