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Stock Watchlist 5/26 - HOG, TLRY, DKNG, DDOG, Z, NVDA, TSLA, RP, and a few others.

HOG - Watching for a close over 25 this week to get into a swing trade towards 30-34 range. 15% short float would take 6 days to cover at current volume levels. They don't think people will buy Harley's again. Do you? Who cares, trade the price action. Let the 'pros' worry about company analysis. I do not have a position yet.

TLRY - finally breaking out of a long consolidation pattern. Is it time for a bigger leg up? Needs to clear the 3/27 high on continued volume. Of course watch CGC, CRON, ACB, APHA, VFF, HEXO, MJ etc if the sector stays hot. I'm long CGC & TLRY calls.

DKNG - bull flag or will it test the trend line before deciding its next big move? On watch in case it starts to breakout towards 35-40 range. I still have a July strangle on. Will add depending on which direction it wants to go.

DDOG - Bullish breakout attempt post-earnings. January $105 calls were active on Friday. I'm long calls.

Z- Normally a setup that ends up speeding up as a bump and run off the trendline. I took calls on Friday for the next leg up.

NVDA - Needs to see the breakout over 363 or a breakdown below 350 to get the next directional move. Trade accordingly.

TSLA - the WTF pattern continues as everyone waits to see its next move. Either a move up towards 900-950 or a breakdown towards 700 if it loses Thursdays low off the trendline. Plan accordingly.

RP - software stock that has lagged the sector breakout. Nice weekly/daily chart setup here though post earnings and post-raise.

GAN - Everyone talks Draftkings and not a peep about the GAN IPO since the day of. They provide SaaS behind some of the online gambling companies in the U.S. and U.K. Potential post IPO breakout coming. No options here yet though.

OCUL - acting like it wants to speed up if breaks 7.50. Insiders were buying in April. They did an offering last week and the stock held its ground, a bullish sign. 11% short float.

RVP - Potential new growth stock emerging here. Needs 5.50 for next leg up. Big buyers in early May seem to be holding for now.

MAXR - Big picture chart breakout potential, worth watching for a swing trade. Volume on Friday can't be ignored.

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