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Stock Watchlist 6/8: What's not on watch? That may be the problem.

TOO many to watch. Pick 2-5 favs and layout your plan with strikes/expiration/underlying stock price b/o points and targets so you know what you're going to hit IF they start to breakout according to your plan. I threw way too many charts on Twitter today so I compiled the list. Good Luck this week. I won't be on twitter Monday & Tuesday morning this week. It's your money. Your trade plan is better than mine. Expect to win. Get 'er done.

But Blaine, how do you watch this many stocks? I don't. Set an alert at the prices which need to confirm a breakout. It'll remind you to pull up the chart to start watching flow (heavy option orders & the stock tape/level II) to see if you want to join for the breakout opportunity. Happy Trading!

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