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Trade Ideas for July 25th

Don't just follow someones trade. Learn what works for you! So many chat rooms buying at highs lately. Stop chasing, study setups! 8 quick lessons that can make or break your trading success.

RIOT huge gain for me using $7 calls from breakout idea Monday into Tuesday. I've been branching out of my comfort zone with options. Allows me to take on more trades using less capital but still offers the dollar gains when the breakout/breakdown occurs.

Here's main watches for Wednesday.

UAVS - 2 breakout today was key. Using same level as risk guide with target range into 2.50/3.50 area if momentum/squeeze kicks in. 15% short float. No position yet. Will watch dips and sell into any pop into target range.

UAVS stock chart
UAVS stock breakout

EYEG - Watching for bounce off the now .60 support area. Risk guide same area in case it doesn't bounce. Nice FDA news Tuesday. Trade the action though. No position yet.

EYEG stock chart.
EYEG gap and fade. Bounce off .60 support setup.

AAV - Setup for 3.50 breakout after 5 months of basing. Higher lows over the past month. Buyers are prime to get this going over 3.50. I may help them if it starts to go.

AAV stock chart
AAV 3.50 breakout setup

WHLR - 5 key breakout level of interest. It's a low volume REIT with terrible management according to some. BUT.... 18% short float. The trade will be smaller with patience.

WHLR stock chart
WHLR 5 breakout watch

MDB - Feels like its not quite done yet. Can it get one more breakout and speed up over 60? Earnings due out towards the end of July or early August. No PR with exact date yet though.

MDB stock chart
MDB continuation breakout setup

Of course Crypto stocks still on watch: RIOT MARA etc & SIEB sneaky one.

RETA - Looking for quick short setup using weekly put options. If 76 fails may get a quick fade back towards 70. Risk is if the downtrend breaks to the upside. Then bias would change to long and will switch the trade to calls towards 85. Will trade accordingly.

RETA stock chart
RETA 2 day 15 minute chart

NKE chart update. 76 support failed. I bought puts for the fade down towards 70/72 using 78 as risk guide.

NKE stock chart
NKE 76 support fail

Happy Trading!

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