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Airbnb (ABNB) - A close over 193.50 today is bullish for the coming days. Target 210+

I'm long calls.

Workhorse (WKHS) - Beautiful breakout today. Needs to hold over 40 now with 43 being the new trigger for another leg up into the 47-50 range. I'm long calls.

Virgin Galactic (SPCE) - Nice fakeout today. Needs to reclaim 58/59 level convincingly and it'll still run towards 70+ imo. The trend is your friend, meaning use it as risk guide because the stock could pull back some towards 40 if it fails. I'm long calls.

PENN - Post earnings breakout. You can use 110 as risk guide going forward to let it run some. I'm long calls.

Alpha Pro Tech (APT) - Watching to clear 17 for a push towards 22-24 range in the coming days.

No position yet.

Bandwidth Inc (BAND) - Potential breakout over 190 worth setting an alert for. Target 220+ if it starts to go. No position yet.

2U Inc (TWOU) - A close over 46 tomorrow sets up well for a quick push into earnings next week. I like this company to continue higher long-term though. No position yet. Traded it last year.

Sabre (SABR) - Watching for a breakout over 13. The plan is to use short-term calls and roll gains into LEAPS to let it work. Traded 20+ pre-pandemic. No position yet.

Camping World (CWH) - Horizontal breakout test approaches. No position yet.

Zillow (Z) - Watching for a continuation breakout over 150.

Calaway Golf (ELY)- Just has that feel that 30 is going to look cheap soon. 17% short float with a 7-day cover ratio.

AIM ImmunoTech (AIM) - Check this weekly chart out. A breakout over 3/3.25 area could start a new long-term uptrend after basing for the past year and a half. I pick up some shares today, will add if the bigger picture stays intact and starts to go.

SYNA - Watching for a continuation breakout over 108.

VMW - Not an immediate idea, but I through an alert on it in case it comes out of the long-term downtrend for a chance to trade it back into the 165-175 range later this year.

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